Active Network Management for all - ANM4L
White paper 2020-11

This paper presents an overview of the objectives and conceptual approach of the research and development activities in the ANM4L project.



Alternative Network Development– Need for Flexible Solutions for Operation and Planning of Distribution and Transmission Grids

This paper was presented at the 2020 CIGRE Canada conference, and provides insights into grid development trends, the flexibility needs found in the distribution grids, and how these needs can be supported through Active Network Management solutions. 




Deliverable 1.1

Overview of need-owners and their needs.

Work Package 1. Main lead – RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Deliverable 1.3

Report on framework of the project and Transferable best practices

Work package 1. Main lead – E.ON

Deliverable 2.1

Specification of interoperable APIs for the planning tool

Work package 2. Main lead – RWTH Aachen University

Deliverable 4.1

Value of Flexibility for Utilities

Work package 4. Main lead – RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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